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Introducing the first and only product scientifically created for booty breakouts. Butt Acne Clearing Lotion is gently exfoliating and deeply moisturizing. Our formula is pH-balanced for the sensitive skin of the buttocks. Acne products for the face aren't made for your buttocks but not treating those ugly breakouts can leave scarring and discoloration. We dared to solve this embarrassing problem, so you can say bye-bye to buttocks breakouts forever!

Exfoliate | Moisturize | Treat

QUALITY IS PRIORITY. We have a commitment to high standards and use only ingredients of the highest quality. We prefer to use natural and organic ingredients when possible.

WE LOVE ANIMALS. This product was formulated without animal testing.

WE LOVE THE EARTH. We constantly revisit our formulation and packaging to make our product better for you and the environment.

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Treatment for butt acne pimples that is easy and fast. This is a natural acne product that really works. Results are amazing with this butt acne clearing product. How can I prevent and treat buttocks pimples. Dr. Oz would recommend butt acne clearing lotion because it exfoliates and moisturizes revealing clear baby soft skin. Butt acne clearing tips and solutions that will make you so happy because it really works to clear butt pimples and red bumps on butt.

Buttocks pimples are hard to clear up. Often they form from an infection around the hair follicle. Embarassing butt acne. Pimples on the butt don't have to annoy you anymore. Introducing the first and only product made to clear up buttocks breakouts. Acne doesn't just happen on your face. How to get rid of butt acne? How do I get rid of butt pimples. Try Butt Acne Clearing Lotion. It is the first and only product made for the uniqe needs of the butt. I don't have butt acne pimples anymore and neither should you. How to treat butt acne. Make sure you exfoliate but don't forget to moisturize. This product does both in one. What are the red bumps on my butt? Treatment for butt acne. Dr. Oz treatment for butt acne is to eat healthy but that hasn't worked for me. I needed to find a cure for my buttocks breakouts becaue it is really embarrassing in intimate situations.